"The greatest oppression is to those that don't truly know they are not free."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Send Eb back to School!

I need everyone's help! I am trying to send my kaka EB Shore back to school because he doesn't have anyone to pay for his high school fees. Eb was one of the kids I had the privilege of stayingwith during my time in Tanzania. He is one of the sweetest, most caring young men I've met and he was always a big brother to all of the rest of the kids. He is so desperate to be allowed to return to school, which he can't do until his school fees are paid for. I am trying to raise $630 U.S to pay his school fees ASAP! I made this playpal donation button. If everyone gives a little, we will reach our goal. :) One of my teaching partners Saidi is holding down the fort in Arusha to help look after the kids. Asante sana everyone!